Large Monster Series Biollante Bluefin Reissue.

The Toho Large Monster Series Biollante North American reissue by X-Plus now has an expected arrival date of February 17, 2017. That’s when Bluefin Distribution expects to have the figures reach their warehouses.

If the cargo ship hits rough weather on the high seas, we may need to add as many as two weeks to that.

Please give Bluefin time to process their shipment when it arrives, and time for them to ship out to the many stores in their network.

It’s possible that your Biollante will not be ready to ship to you until early March 2017.

You can order a Large Monster Series Biollante from me at Flossie’s for $429.99 or from any comic shop or online store that carries products from Bluefin.

— Bluefin Distribution is also handling the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 SDCC Exclusive and Large Monster Series King Ghidorah figures, with more releases planned.