Toho Large Monster Series Death Ghidorah vinyl figure by X-Plus.

This past weekend at Super Festival 75 in Japan, X-Plus unveiled a Large Monster Series Death Ghidorah (Desghidorah, Desughidorah).

Death Ghidorah is rather obscure compared to most of Toho’s kaiju. It appeared in the first installment of the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy which began in 1996. These films are a sort of cross between normal Godzilla film fare and The NeverEnding Story. It’s target was very young children. Despite this, it does have some nice kaiju action.

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The price for this new figure has not yet been disclosed, but we do know that it’s expected to release in March 2018.

Large Monster Series GMK Mothra & Baragon

X-Plus Large Monster Series Godzilla 2001, King Ghidorah, Baragon and Mothra vinyl figures.

The Large Monster Series Mothra 2001 and Baragon 2001 (GMK) vinyl figure set first unveiled at Summer Wonder Festival earlier this year also made another appearance.

This 2-figure set can be combined with the previously released Large Monster Series Godzilla 2001 (or the Yuji Modeling Collection Godzilla 2001) and the Large Monster Series King Ghidorah for a full GMK lineup on your shelves.

No word on price, but there is a date: January 2018. That means it will be just a couple of months before we get to see production photos and make a preorder.[/fusion_text]