X-Plus / Diamond Distributors: It's a Deal!

It looks like Diamond will be importing X-Plus vinyls yet again! Retailer Michael Cherkowsky broke the news when he posted photos of the Diamond Distributors table today at Toy Fair in New York. Up-to-date news will be posted here in this pinned post.

FEBRUARY 15, 2015
• A new source say that King Ghidorah will be offered, as well as Biollante!
• There will be 24 releases over 12 months. 12 Godzilla and 12 Kaiju.
• Could be a mix of both the Large Monster Series (25cm) and the 30cm Series (12inch).
• Solicitations start in July.
Note: It sort of feels like X-Plus is setting North America up for a classic Japanese release schedule with a couple new figures every month. This could be GOOOOD!

FEBRUARY 14, 2015
• Michael Cherkowsky visited the Diamond table at Toy Fair and posted photos of the Large Monster Series King Ghidorah which was said to be simply a “placeholder” to indicate that they would be carrying X-Plus again. He also said that he was told that there would be 24 figures in this new deal. TWENTY-FOUR! I will attempt to confirm this with Diamond on Monday.
• Word got out that X-Plus Dragonball figures will now be carried by Bluefin for North America.

JANUARY 16, 2015
• X-Plus told me that they were about to have a meeting to attempt to seal the new deal, but that nothing was certain. They also said that Gamera and Ultraman figures would not be included.