X-Plus / Diamond Reissue Wave 6 and 7 update.

OUCH! It looks like both Wave 6 AND 7 of the X-Plus Diamond Reissues will be shipped out AT THE SAME TIME! (That’s the Toho 12inch Series Godzilla 1955, Anguirus 1955, Godzilla 1989 and Gorosaurus 1967.)

What a way to throttle collectors’ wallets. We’re getting blasted with Mothra, King Ghidorah, the Holidays and now FOUR re-issues all at the same time! But WHY?? Diamond has to get Wave 7 out before their contract with X-Plus, Toho, Plex, etc. runs out which is at the end of the year.

Also, in order to make the deadline, Diamond couldn’t wait around to see how many figures needed to be made in Wave 7 so they had to guess. But don’t fret, looks like every retailer who placed an order is going to get them filled.

So, depending on who you are, this is either really good news, or really bad news. If you ordered Wave 7 from Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles, note that we will hold your order for up to a month if you need time for your wallet to heal.