X-Plus Gamera 1996 Vinyl Figure. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.


JAPAN RELEASE: September 2012

SERIES: 30cm Series


FROM: “Gamera 2: Attack of Legion”, 1996
ガメラ2 レギオン襲来

HEIGHT: 9 inches / 22.86 cm
WIDTH: 12 inches / 30.48 cm
LENGTH: About 15.5 inches / 39.37 cm


AVAILABILITY: Getting Hard to Find


Based on the second film in the Heisei Gamera trilogy (some of the very best kaiju movies ever made) comes one lean, mean, and green vinyl figure from X-Plus. I’ve tried to write about the sculpt a few times but I just don’t know what to say that the photos below don’t already by themselves.


Close of the head on the X-Plus Gamera 2 (1996). Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Gamera 2 Vinyl Figure - Forward 3/4 angle. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.
X-Plus Gamera 1996 Vinyl Figure. View of shell texture. Photo Copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Gamera 1996 Vinyl Figure. View of belly texture. Photo Copyright, John Stanowski.
X-Plus Gamera 2 Vinyl Figure - Tail Sculpt Detail. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.Low angle of the X-Plus Garage Toy Gamera 2 Vinyl Statue. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

Particularly impressive are a series of flat plates running down the top of the tail. I have no idea how they pulled this out of a mold!

VISIBLE SEAMS & JOINTS: There are no seams visible unless you turn him on his back to see the tail joint, which is a pretty good fit. The seams where the lower legs meet the body aren’t even worth mentioning (which I just wasted my time doing). I suspect there’s a join running across his chest, under his arms and over his shell. But this join is perfectly hidden as it zig-zags around the breast and shell plates in the sculpt.


X-Plus Gamera 1996 Vinyl Figure - All Views. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

Gamera leans menacingly forward with his feet spread wide as if braced for a confrontation with Legion. This pose makes it seem shorter than it really is yet at the same time seems really dynamic.


The surplus of detail on this figure paves the way for a splash of color, albeit desaturated ones (the way I like it). The X-Plus Gamera 2 is coated in gorgeous greens, browns, tans and charcoal black. The back shell is a slightly glossy mix of dark green with even darker olive shading. A dull brown covers the front plate while deep, dark oranges fade to bony white on the claws and fangs. Gamera’s skin is the standard charcoal black. The eyes are a bright, vivid green with tiny, black pupils; the whites recede into red shading where it meets the skin. Looking good!


X-Plus Gamera 2 (1996) Vinyl Figure. Top View. Photo copyright, John Stanowski

When considering shelf space, this figure may seem no different than a Godzilla or other kaiju with a long tail, but have another look. Quite unlike other biped figures, the Gamera 2 spreads out sideways (12 inches) almost as much as it does from head to tail (15.5 inches). This guy is a bit of a shelf hog. It demands all of the room around it except the front. If you have standard shelves, you’ll only have room to position this figure facing left or right. I believe his left is his best angle; this is for the best since the tail drifts slighty toward its left foot and thus the left toes don’t reach as far toward the edge of the shelf whereas, facing right, they may creep over the edge. (The toes on X-Plus figures can get scratched easily so it’s best to keep them tucked in.)

X-Plus Gamera 2 size comparison with an aluminum soda can. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Gamera 2 size comparison with the 30cm Godzilla 1992 and the 25cm Gigan. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

The soda can should give you a good idea about the size of this statue. On the right, the Gamera 2 is pictured with the X-Plus Godzilla 1992 from the 30cm line and the Gigan from the Giant Monsters 25cm line. Even though Gamera is part of the 30cm line, he’s actually shorter than some of the 25’s because of his pose. If you collect only 30’s, be prepared for a dip in your “skyline”.

X-Plus Gamera 2 Box Art. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.The X-Plus Gamera 2 comes packed in an open plastic shell.

Gamera comes in the standard 30cm series box with printed box art and hinged lid. The figure itself comes in two pieces each wire-tied into a plastic shell. You’ll need to attach the tail.


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