X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter and Mechagodzilla 1975 vinyl figures.

The North American reissues of the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter and the 30cm Series Mechagodzilla 1975 vinyl figures by X-Plus will arrive in U.S. stores on Wednesday, October 4.

If you’ve already placed your order with us at Flossie’s, expect to have your order charged on Monday or Tuesday (Oct. 2-3, 2017). We will begin shipping them out on Thursday.

Diamond Distributors is already sold out of the Godzilla 1954 figure. If you haven’t placed your order already, you will NOT be able to do so at Comic Stores as usual. The only stock left will be in the hands of stores and retailers who already ordered them ahead of time.

I’ve been saying for some time now: Diamond will not be stocking up high with X-Plus extras now and in the future. The chance of missing out is much higher now, so make sure your pre-order early from a store you trust!

We have some preorder slots still available for both figures at Flossie’s.

• Order the X-Plus 12in Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter at Flossie’s for $149.

• Order the X-Plus 12in Series Mechagodzilla 1975 at Flossie’s for $149.