X-Plus Makes a Move on Star Wars Holographic Chess Creatures

Star Wars Holochess Creature vinyl figures by X-Plus.

Today at Super Festival in Japan, X-Plus showcased painted prototypes of their upcoming Star Wars Holochess figures. These were first revealed in 2017 (although this is the first time I’m reporting about them here on KaijuAddicts.com).

All eight creatures from the holographic chess game (Dejarik) as seen onboard the Millennium Falcon in the original Star Wars (1977) will be made available from X-Plus.

X-Plus seems to have had access to detailed images of each character. These materials are still somewhat fresh since each creature was recreated at Phil Tippet Studios for their encore appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).

The original rubber puppets had degraded over the past 40 years. But Phil and his team were able to scan them using a process called photogrammetry to create accurate new 3D models which were then 3D printed, cast, and molded in silicone to be animated, again by hand, for the new trilogy. An original armature used for “Mr. Big” (that guy in the lower right of the photo) was used to scale the new puppets to the same size as those made in the 70’s.

This process no doubt provided more than ample source material for X-Plus to recreate them, yet again, in vinyl.

These new vinyls are not 1:1 scale as seen in the movies but, instead, appear to be nearer the size of the actual puppets.

According to the placards on the table, X-Plus will release two a month starting in April and ending in July. You can see the order in which they’ll be released in the photo. The top right and lower right are expected to be released in April. Then, going right to left, the next two. Then the next two, etc.

No word on price yet. But since we’re looking at an April release, pre-orders (along with more information) should be coming around fairly soon.

Let’s hope that this new direction or X-Plus is successful. Who knows? Perhaps this could prompt them to pursue a line of proper Star Wars creatures like TaunTauns, Dewbacks, Wampa Ice Creatures and Rancors. Can you freaking imagine that? Fingers crossed!

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