Kaiju Addict John Stanowski with Haruo Nakajima.

This doesn’t have anything to do with X-Plus but I just HAD to make a post about this. This past weekend I attended Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, New Jersey and…. WOW! I was actually in the room with all three Godzilla suit actors who were together for the very first time in the U.S. I will NEVER forget the Friday I got to meet all three and the Saturday in which I loitered in the autograph room to see them some more!

Above is me and my stupid grin with Haruo Nakajima, the man who powered the Godzilla suits from 1954 to 1975.

Kaiju Addict John Stanowski with Satsuma-san and Kitagawa-san.

As if that wasn’t magical enough, I also got to meet Kenpachiro Satsuma who worked the suit from 1984 through 1995. He also helmed some Showa monsters like Hedorah in 1971! And then there was Tsutomu “Tom” Kitagawa who made Godzilla move from 1999 through 2004.

X-Plus collectors at Chiller Theatre.

And a fantastic bonus was getting to finally meet other Godzilla and X-Plus fanatics with whom I’ve spent so much time talking to through the internet.

Left to right: Rich Eso, Brian Mattoscio, David Dopko, myself, Paul Romero and Vince Elliot.