X-Plus Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961 Vinyl Figure.

Today, X-Plus replaced their “tease” graphic for a Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961 and Godzilla 1964 Set with a live page taking pre-orders for Mothra only. It seems the set is off. …or postponed. or I don’t know what. The Google translation of their announcement is unclear.

It reads:

“(Adult) resale decision Mothra!
Emission gimmick has also been built, boy Rick limited edition, will be limited resale.
Due to the various circumstances, Mothra of the 1964 edition was postponed, suddenly, resale decision. For production after this product, by some modification of the mold, to manufacture the 1964 edition, this will be the last chance available to ensure the Mothra (1961 edition). If you missed the last time to buy, wished for one another, it all means at this opportunity! This product is the boy Rick limited sale item. Is not available for purchase in retail stores. Please note.”

It sounds to me like that set was actually going to feature a 1964 version of Mothra! Well, don’t get too excited. The idea is off the table for now. And more than likely a long time since it would be weird to sell two versions of Mothra at nearly the same time.

Either way, the UBER RARE Mothra 1961 is coming back! X-Plus plus says the Ric Boy edition will come with the same light gimmick in the eyes. What is unclear is whether or not there will be a standard edition. Right now, I’m thinking no.

The Ric Boy Mothra 1961 is going for ¥19,332 (about $176 right now). Preorders are open now and will close October 6th. Release is expected in late November.

NOTE: X-Plus says that they will use the mold for this figure to make the 1964 version, so this is your LAST CHANCE to get Mothra 1961!