Toho Large Monster Series Rodan 1964 Re-issue.

X-Plus is now taking orders for a re-issue of the Toho Large Monster Series Rodan 1964. They seem determined to help you complete your 25cm Series Destroy All Monsters line-up with this ’64 stand in for the ’68. Don’t forget that all new Manda and Mothra 1968 set coming out next month!

Back to Rodan: This figure is freaking incredible and some say superior to the 30cm Series version.

Sorry to say, though, that this one looks like a Ric Boy deal only. They made a point to say that the Ric version does not come with the mini Mothra larva as it did before. This sort of confirms that there won’t be a Standard Version available in stores.

If you are set up with an account on the X-Plus Ric Web Shop, you can place your order now. It’s only ¥13,284 (currently $110.71 USD) and you have until October 19 to get your order in.

If you are not set up with an account at the Ric Web Shop, Click Here for some less complicated ways to get one.

Rodan is expected to fly again in late November / early December.

Also up for order is the Large Monster Series Alien Metron Jr..