Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure.

X-Plus suddenly announced today pre-orders for the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Limited Roaring Version vinyl figure (東宝30cmシリーズ GODZILLA ゴジラ(2014) 限定咆哮Ver.).

The figure is basically the same as the original release which stomped into collectors’ hands last July (2015) with two very noticeable differences:

1. The head sculpt on this figure is reared upward and in full roar! But this isn’t really anything new. In fact, this how we first saw the figure back in January 2015 at Wonder Festival 67.

The X-Plus Godzilla 2014 Vinyl Figure Prototype on display at Super Festival 67.

Back then we thought we were going to get a Ric version that came with both heads, but they instead settled on using the one laying on the table in the photo above and gave us a mini MUTO instead. Well, now we get to have both!

2. Translucent vinyl dorsal fins painted blue capturing the moment of imminent atomic breath discharge from the movie. No, they do NOT light up even though some of the graphics on Bandai’s site seems to suggest they do. For example: 発光状態をイメージした means “Image of light-emitting state” according to collector and superfan, John Ruffin (Check out his site!).

But, Gee Okamoto from X-Plus has confirmed to me that there is no light feature. But the fins definitely are translucent and their clear quality can capture light from the room and hint at the same effect.

I normally despise the translucent vinyl fins because they’re so much softer than the usual material. But I’m making an exception for this figure. The fins are small enough not to feel cheap when touched. I’m looking forward to this one. (I’ll just have an X-Plus 2014 for each floor in my house!)

Now, as to its availability: this figure is going to be a Ric Boy Exclusive AND a Premium Bandai Exclusive. As contradicting as that may sound, you should note this will NOT be available in regular stores, so it’s exclusive enough that it will be harder to get. If you are able to navigate the all Japanese Ric Boy and Premium Bandai sites, have at it. The pre-order window is now open. Curiously, there’s no word on when that window will close.

A rear angle showing off the translucent blue fins.

The figure will cost you ¥20,000 yen (about $167 USD) at both sites. It is expected to start shipping out in February 2016. (I wonder how that’s going to work with all the toy business strangling holidays in both China and Japan at that time of year.)

Pre-order at the X-Plus Ric Boy Store here – Limit 2 per customer.

Pre-order at the Premium Bandai Store here – Limit 2 per customer.

And for those who can’t navigate setting up an account at either site, we have our usual savior:

Order this figure from Mike Johnson. Rich Eso has a great how-to article explaining how to get in touch with Mike, a trusted source for hard to get X-Plus figures for many a collector.

(UPDATE: Jamie Davies has reached his capacity for this figure and can take no more orders.)

If you are new to X-Plus and would like to know more about (most of) this figure, visit my Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Review of the original release. You’ll just have to mentally substitute the head and clear fins when you do.

One final thing: I’d like to make a prediction. It was revealed earlier by Michael Cherkowsky of Vampire Robots that our promised 12 Godzilla Diamond Reissues have been taken away and that we are instead getting about 5 Godzilla figures, all with new or modified sculpts. I would not be surprised in the least if one of these is this Godzilla 2014, with roaring head, sans the clear fins. Not a fact. But don’t be surprised if it happens.

Now, X-Plus… WHERE is our 30cm Series Female MUTO? (taps foot.)