Daiei 30cm Series Daimajin vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Daiei 30cm Series Daimajin

大映30㎝シリーズ 大魔神 少年リック限定版

X-Plus has released several Daimajin figures in the Large Monster Series in the past. But the great statue has finally stepped into the Daiei 30cm Series!

Daimajin (大魔神) was a film trilogy set in feudal Japan put out by the Daiei Film Company in 1966. All three movies featured a “great demon god” in the form of a statue embedded in the side of a mountain. The actions of evil men soon increase the great statue’s rage and prompts it to come to life and exact its revenge and dish out some badass justice. If you haven’t seen these movies: check them out! Imagine mixing Kurosawa and Harryhausen together. That’s Daimajin!

Accessories and options for the X-Plus 30cm Daimajin.

This new Ric Boy figure will come with an impressive array of features and extras. Included are 5 alternate hands with which to interact with the included sword, metal chain, hook, spike (nail?), a mini Tsurukichi figure and a “god of military arts” face. The shoulder joints, hidden below flaps of armor, can be articulated. And perhaps most impressive of all, the position of the eyes can be changed!

Too many options? Pick them all! Just change the figure every few months and you’ve got a fresh display. Holy shit, okay, really, sign me the hell up!

This figure is a Japanese release and will be sold only in Japan.

Preorders for the Daiei 30cm Series Daimajin will open soon. There is no price to report yet. It is expected to ship in late November.

This new offering seems set to become the ultimate Daimajin figure.

See the 30cm Series Daimajin at the X-Plus Ric Boy site.

X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 (Freeze Version)

ギガンティックシリーズ ゴジラ1995 凍結ver. 少年リック限定商品

Various angles of the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 Frozen Version with Super X III.

The X-Plus GBG is back again! Originally released (sans the ice) back in August 2014, it was reissued through Bandai as a special SDCC Exclusive which came with tail already attached. Apparently Japanese collectors have been clamoring for a frozen version in order to relive the amazing climax scene from the final film in the Heisei series.

The new Gigantic Series “Burning Godzilla” is a bit of fire and ice. It’s basically the same figure we all know but with splashes (sprays?) of frosty white to represent the icing from the JSDF‘s freezing weapons.

It seems this release is getting a cold reception in the West. Apparently many of us think it was just doused with a can of spray snow. But is it a simple rehash? Think of it what you will. I see it as simply another option for collectors and yet another opportunity for those who missed out on the previous releases. I actually wouldn’t mind having one myself.

This exclusive Ric Boy version comes with a mini Super X III which is about 11cm (4.3 inches) long.

This figure will be limited to a run of only 300 and it seems at this time it will be available only from X-Plus’ Ric Boy online store.

This figure is a Japanese release and will be sold only in Japan.

This figure will run you ¥40,824 ($402 USD). Just remember to add about $100 to that for shipping from Japan.

I do not believe there will be a Standard version available. This Ric is expected to become available for preorder on September 21. The final product is expected to ship in November.

See this figure on the X-Plus Ric Boy site.
See my review for the original Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 release for more details on the sculpt.

New Ultraman Ace and Taro fare

Ultraman Ace Showdown Set and Cosmo Liquid figures by X-Plus.

The Large Monster Series Ultraman Ace “Space Showdown” Set (大怪獣シリーズ ウルトラマンエース 異次元空間対決セット 少年リック限定商品) will include both our hero along with a Yapool (Yapuru ヤプール) figure. There will also be a stand for Ace. It will run you ¥19,980 ($196 USD). I suspect this will be available only from the X-Plus Ric Boy site. Preorders are open now and will end September 26. The set is expected to ship in November.

The Large Monster Series Cosmo Liquid (大怪獣シリーズ コスモリキッド) hails from the Ultraman Taro series (1973-1974). The X-Plus version stands about 25cm tall and will run you ¥13,824 ($135 USD). Preorders are open now at the X-Plus Ric Boy site through September 26 and it’s expected to ship in November.

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