X-Plus Ultraman Tiga Vinyl Figurie. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.


大怪獣シリーズ 「ウルトラマンティガ(マルチタイプ)」 少年リック限定版


SERIES: Large Monster Series


FROM: “Ultraman Tiga”, 1996-97

HEIGHT: 9 inches / 22.86 cm
WIDTH: about 6 inches / 15.24 cm
LENGTH: 13.5 inches / 34.29 cm

ARTICULATION: Ankles (and you’re gonna need them!)

AVAILABILITY: Easier to Find


After a 15-year absence (not including American and Australian versions) Ultraman finally returned to Japanese television in ‘Ultraman Tiga’. The series ran from 1996 to 1997 and the X-Plus rendition is nothing less than ultra-amazing.


X-Plus Ultraman Tiga vinyl figure photo embellishement with Gutswing. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Ultraman Tiga vinyl figure. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

The X-Plus Large Monster Series Ultraman Tiga (Multi-type) vinyl figure is an astounding likeness. Free from all the unwanted embellishments and artistic interpretations from other lines, this figure… Everybody… looks like it just walked out of the TV show. You may be hard-pressed to make an immediate conclusion if the above shots were actually of the real suit. That’s how accurate X-Plus can be!

Tiga is overall much smoother than the X-Plus Showa Ultraman figures with noticeably less ‘crinkles’ in the suit. This is no doubt because modern suits were made of more advanced material. The hands and feet are especially smooth. I think it would have been nice, though, to see more wrinkles to set it apart from other ‘toys’. There are a pair of lines running down the back which I suspect represent the zippers on the actual suit (see below, right).

X-Plus Ultraman Tiga head close-up. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Ultraman Tiga upper back close-up. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

The eyes are made of clear plastic with a honeycombish texture. There is a space between the eyes and a light material inside. This allows light to pass through the plastic and create refractive patterns inside. The temple ‘crystal’ is also clear plastic but usually appears dark because of refreaction. But if you move it around until the light hits it right, it becomes ridiculously accurate! The color timer is also clear plastic but unfortunately almost always looks too dark even though it’s actually blue. The Ric Boy exclusive version of this figure includes a light-up gimmick for clear plastic parts and this probably the reason why they didn’t use a lighter blue on the timer for standard versions.

VISIBLE SEAMS & JOINTS: At first you’ll notice seams only around the ankles as they are visible from the front. There is a seam behind the left elbow and the backs of both shoulders have noticeable gaps which are hidden from view when placed on the shelf. The rotation of the shoulders can be tweaked only enough to make sure the paint and lines match up.

X-Plus Tiga Vinyl Figure TV comparison.X-Plus Tiga Vinyl Figure TV comparison.


X-Plus エクスプラス Ultraman Tiga vinyl figure - 6-view pose. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

The pose is undeniably a signature Tiga stance! One hand is clenched in a fist close to the chest while the other extends outward ready to deflect a blow. While most other X-Plus Ultraman figures stand tall with level heads, the Tiga figure is tucking his chin to his chest. At first this really bothered me because it looked a little odd from the front. But during the course of this review that feeling went away. The pose is awesome.

This figure comes with a stand comprised of a clear base, arm and ‘claw’. This stand really isn’t necessary as Tiga is fully capable of standing on his own, though maybe not right away. The ankles are articulated so with a few tweaks you can get your shiny, new Tiga figure fully balanced.


Ultraman Tiga is the first Ultra to not have an all-red color scheme. In his standard “multi-type” mode, comparable to all previous Ultras, he sports the standard red and a purpleish blue in non-toyish shades. The hand painters at the factory did an excellent job of keeping the colors “in the lines”. The yellow stripes across his chest are subdued and the silver, as usual, looks great.


X-Plus Ultraman Tiga Size Comparison with Aluminum Can. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Ultraman Tiga Size Comparison with 25cm Gigan and Gomora. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

The X-Plus Giant Monster Series Tiga is comparable size-wise with other Ultraman figures. At first glance, he matches up nicely with both the Toho Series 25cm line (as seen with Gigan above) and the ultra kaijus from the Reborn Series. Perfectionists, however, may be annoyed with the true discrepancy in scale lurking below first impressions. Tiga should not be as tall as either of the kaiju he’s pictured with above. A good way to tell is to note where the shoulders line up. Tiga’s shoulders are higher than the others’… and he’s crouching!


X-Plus Ultraman Tiga Boxed. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.X-Plus Ultraman Tiga packaging shell. Photo copyright, John Stanowski.

Tiga comes wired into a plastic shell in a window box with a snazzy, new design for the New Generation series.


Link to archived photos at X-Plus website.