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About Toho 12in Series Vinyl Figures (X-Plus Diamond Re-Issues)

Collecting X-Plus Godzilla Vinyl Re-Issues via Diamond Distributors in North America

Being an X-Plus vinyl collector in North America isn’t always the easist thing to do. We have to deal with Japanese web sites, forwarding services and — if we resort to it — bloated Ebay prices. Diamond Distributors, the company which keeps all of our comic shops stocked, has come to the rescue, making officially licensed X-Plus Godzilla vinyl figure re-issues available in North America. Here’s what you need to know:

X-Plus is creating NEW batches of their most popular Godzilla and other Toho kaiju vinyl figures. They are licensed specifically for the North American market and are being distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll find that the prices are now a lot nicer. And if you order online, the shipping fee will sting a lot less.

X-Plus and Diamond are releasing one 30cm Series figure every month starting January 2016. (Sorry, the Large Monster (25cm) Series is not currently part of the deal.) Pre-orders will already taken for these earlier in 2015 so you should find an online store or comic shop and get yours ordered as soon as you can.

You can find out what’s available to order by visiting the Kaiju Addicts X-Plus / Diamond Reissue Schedule.

The figures are practically identical to the original Japanese runs. They will be made with the same molds, in the same plants and painted by the same folks who worked their magic on the original Japanese releases. (Although differences in paint applications between Japanese originals and Diamond Reissues have already appeared, but X-Plus was quick to correct the situation). Although these figures are being called “Diamond Reissues” by collectors, they are still X-Plus figures made by X-Plus!

Where to buy Diamond Reissued X-Plus Toho Godzilla Vinyl Figures

Diamond Previews May X-Plus Spread.
A recent two-page spread highlighting X-Plus Diamond Reissues in Previews.


Just go to your local comic shop and ask! If the guy behind the counter doesn’t know anything about them, just ask them to pull out the latest issue of Previews (Diamond’s monthly catalog) and ask them to flip through the blue-colored “TOYS-STATUES-MODELS” section to find them.

Your local comic store owner can also search for them on the Diamond Retailer Website. Ask them to use the search terms “TOHO” and “GODZILLA” or some other kaiju name. Note: searching for the term “X-Plus” will not produce results on that site (long story).

When you visit your shop is very important since each wave has only a month open for preorders. Use the X-Plus / Diamond Re-Issue Release Schedule page here on this site as a guide for what to order and when.

Comic shops must turn in their pre-orders to Diamond on the last Wednesday of the month in which they were announced. So, you need to make your preorder with the shop BEFORE then.


Alternatively, you could order figures from online shops. The pre-order deadlines still apply. And be extra cautious: some online stores continue to take pre-orders even after the pre-order period closes in hopes that Diamond will have extras. To be sure you get your figure, be on time!

Kaiju Addicts and Flossie's Gifts and Collectibles team up to provide X-Plus Godzilla vinyl figures.
Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles. This online store is the family business. We’ve been at it for over 15 years. I personally take care of ordering the figures from Diamond, caring for them in our warehouse, managing the orders and being on call for any questions from customers. You can reach me at .

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Here’s a video put out by KaijuCast with Kyle Yount extracting more details from a Diamond Comics representative. (Another shameless plug: I made this intro for Kyle using my own X-Plus figures!)

Two-page X-Plus spread in the August edition of Previews.
The original two-page spread announcing X-Plus Diamond Reissues in Previews.