Here is a guide to modern X-Plus Releases (post 2009).

In this section you’ll find a soon-to-be comprehensive guide to all modern X-plus vinyls (2009 onward) separated by Series. Each section is organized, not by release date, but by the movies these figures are based on.

This new set of pages is replacing the original set which was clunky and hard to use, especially on phones. These new pages will have more complete photos (and larger ones at that). This is a work in progress. Click the links below to see the figures.

X-Plus Daikaiju Series (Large Monster Series / 25cm Series)

X-Plus 30cm Series

X-Plus Gigantic Series


If you’d like to see the old, original pages, you can find them here:

Old X-Plus 25cm Series Page

Old X-Plus 30cm Series Page

Old X-Plus Gigantic Series Page