Toho Large Monster Series Mogera 1957

大怪獣シリーズ モゲラ

X-Plus Large Monster Series Mogera. 大怪獣シリーズ 大映特撮編 「大魔神」 少年リック限定版


  • Based on Mogera’s appearance in The Mysterians / 地球防衛軍 / 1957
  • Original Release: Summer 2012
  • Was released as both Standard and Ric Exclusive versions.
  • The Ric Exclusive version came with a mini Mysterian figure. It seems that there were two versions, one red, one yellow which were randomly inserted.
  • Height: 25cm (Mogera), 9cm (mini Mysterian figure)
  • Window Box
  • Original Price: ¥9,360 (Standard), ¥11,400 (Ric)
  • Link to original page for reissue on X-Plus site.