Toho Large Monster Series (Crawling) Varan 1958

東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「バラン(1958年版)」 少年リック限定版

X-Plus Large Monster Series Varan, 1958.


  • Based on Varan’s appearance in the original Varan / 大怪獣バラン / 1958
  • Original Release: Late 2012
  • Released in both Standard and Ric Exclusive versions. The Ric came with a mini Flying Varan figure.
  • Height: about 14.5cm / Length: about 38cm
  • Length (Mini Flying Varan): 10cm
  • Color paint apps
  • Window Box
  • Original Price: Around ¥11,970
  • Do not confuse this with the 30cm Series Favorite Sculptors Line Varan 1958 which came out in 2018, also in a crawling pose.