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X-Plus vinyl figure links

Here’s a list of sites talking about X-Plus. Included are official sites, Facebook groups, forums and blogs with a fondness for X-Plus Godzillas, Gameras and Ultramen! Please let me know if you know of any other site which should be included by emailing me at.

Kaiju Addicts Facebook Page
Get site updates, X-Plus news and photos in your Facebook Newsfeed!

X-Plus Kaiju Collectors’ Club エクスプラス Facebook Group
This is the place to be for all X-Plus kaiju vinyl enthusiasts. Filled with X-Plus experts, fanatics and new users alike, this Facebook Group is the very best way to learn more about these awesome collectibles. The Photos section is packed with goodies and there are also helpful pages under the Files tab such as a Figure List and Price Guide. And the guys in this group are always willing to help out new collectors get more information and advice. Having this group in your Facebook news feed is a great way to keep track of news about X-Plus Godzilla and kaiju figures. 5 stars!

The Official X-Plus Website
X-Plus has recently updated their site design and split it into three different versions: one for Japan, one for North America and one for Hong Kong/Korea/Taiwan. If you use the original X-Plus RIC site URL, http://ric-toy.ne.jp/, you will automatically be forwarded to the version of the site appropriate for your area.

This is the North American version of the site. Here you can browse in English, order figures and have them shipped directly to you. Catch is, not all figures are available to order. And they won’t even show you any figures that aren’t. To see those…

This is the Japanese version of the site. Here you will be able to see all of the new Japanese releases. While you can sign up for an account (with a little help from online translations) you will not be able to have figures shipped directly to you. You’ll need a forwarding service like Tenso.com for that.

The Official X-Plus Blog
Also in Japanese. X-Plus sporadically posts photos and teases of upcoming figures.

X-Plus Facebook Page
Yup, Japanese again. X-Plus occasionally posts photos of upcoming figures here instead of at their blog. While we’re on the subject, please Like their page and encourage them to keep up with the updates!

X-Plus Twitter Feed
X-Plus likes Twitter much more than Facebook. If you want to see what X-Plus has to say, follow them on Twitter.

X-Plus Amazon.co.jp Store
Yup, Japanese again. X-Plus occasionally posts photos of upcoming figures here instead of at their blog. While we’re on the subject, please Like their page and encourage them to keep up with the updates!

Video Reviews by Rich Eso

Rich Eso “Fresh Vinyl” on Facebook

Video Reviews by Samson West

KaijuCast X-Plus Video Primer

The Kaiju Planet
This site provides news and reviews (written and video) on X-Plus vinyl statues. This is also a great site to keep up with S.H. Monsterarts and other articulated figures (especially Evangelion).

Toho Kingdom Forums
If you are a new collector and you’re thirsty for information, this board has two threads that will show you a lot photos and let you read in what people are saying about them.
2012 X-Plus Vinyl Figures Discussion Thread and 2013 X-Plus Vinyl Figures Discussion Thread.

You’ll find a few X-Plus reviews here plus a news blog for all things Godzilla and kaiju. And don’t forget to check out their forums!

The Kaiju Korner at One Shot’s World
George, the site’s owner and operator, loves to take his X-Plus figures out into the wild for some kaiju photography. You’ll find a lot of gorgeous photos of X-Plus Godzilla and friends in natural settings.

Did I forget anyone? Do you know of a site which you feel should be added to the list?

Let me know at or add a comment below.


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