X-Plus 30cm Series Mothra Larva 1961 vinyl figure.

Crawling under my monitor all day today is the Toho 30cm Series Mothra Larva (1961) by X-Plus.

This is a very early figure for me and so I’m extra attached to this hyper movie-accurate of the original larva from Mothra’s very first appearance in 1961.

Fun Fact #1: X-Plus put out a “squooshy” version of this figure years ago before the Soft Series was even a thing.

Fun Fact #2: Despite being a member of the 30cm Series, this figure is actually closer in scale to the Large Monster Series Showa figures and so probably belongs on the 25cm Shelf. Mothra was HUGE in her original 1961 movie and was longer than Godzilla was tall.

I barely look at it on the shelves because I barely see it. Such a small figure with tons of headroom. Many feel this makes for a very uneventful X-Plus purchase.
So what do you think? Is this a must-have or is it too small to even consider?

When you have well over 100 X-Plus figures, each one tends to blur out of focus in lieu of the collection as a whole. ‘X-Plus of the Day’ is when I select one of them and keep them on my desk for the day in an attempt to enjoy and appreciate it away from the busy shelves.