X-Plus Large Monster Series Kamacuras on my desk.

On my desk all day today for some new one-on-one focus is the Toho Large Monster Series Kamacuras from Son of Godzilla (1967). The whole point of “X-Plus of the Day” is to reconnect with figures I haven’t appreciated lately and mostly don’t really look at much.

I don’t understand why this guy is a candidate for such a remedy. Kamacuras is actually one of my favorite kaiju. He may even be in the top 3 for me.

I mean, come on, a giant praying mantis … with personality? What’s not to love?

Sure, he’s small. His legs can sometimes get a bit warbly. He has that eyesore of a stand. (Wish that made that out of clear vinyl.) And, if you’re not careful, you could run into trouble with those fragile joints.

But, end of the day, this thing is freaking awesome. It has an excellent sculpt and skin textures.

I went RIC on this and got the 3-Pack. Together the group is one of the biggest X-Plus shelf hogs you could have.

Well, this therapy is working already. Totally diggin’ this ‘forgotten’ figure on my shelf.

Do you have Kamacuras?
Do you have the 3-Pack?
Do you display them all?
Any other gripes about this one I forgot to mention?

When you have well over 100 X-Plus figures, each one tends to blur out of focus in lieu of the collection as a whole. ‘X-Plus of the Day’ is when I select one of them and keep them on my desk for the day in an attempt to enjoy and appreciate it away from the busy shelves.