The X-Plus Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 2001 vinyl figure on my desk.

Hogging my printer on my desk all day today is the Large Monster Series Favorite Sculptors Line King Ghidorah (2001) by X-Plus.

It’s the spitting image of GMK KG. I still find it hard to believe that we finally have a complete roster for GMK.

This figure is shorter than other Ghidorahs in the 25cm Series, as it should be. Yet it’s slightly big for this line. It scales with the other GMK figures so that’s all that matters.

Unlike the other Ghidorahs, this figure comes with the wings already attached. Also unlike the others, you need to put the tail on this one. But it comes with a magnet and pops right on. …and pops right off if you’re not careful. I’d rather have the tail all one piece with the body.

I’m not going to ask you how you like this sculpt because if you don’t, you a crackhead.

What do you think about the tail connection though? Nice? Naughty?

When you have well over 100 X-Plus figures, each one tends to blur out of focus in lieu of the collection as a whole. ‘X-Plus of the Day’ is when I select one of them and keep them on my desk for the day in an attempt to enjoy and appreciate it away from the busy shelves.